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Founded in Cork in 1851, Punch Industries has become an Irish and European success story both within the shoecare and more recently laundry aids categories.

Around the turn of the 20th century, Punch Industries began to focus on shoecare, traditionally what the company is best known for. Innovation, a commitment to quality and a focus on responding to changing consumer trends ensured Punch became and remains the No.1 brand in Irish shoecare. Indeed Punch has been a leading innovator in shoecare products worldwide, helping shine, clean and protect shoes from Scandinavia to Australia. In 1985 Punch relocated from Glanmire, Co. Cork to its state of the art 50,000sq.ft plant in Little Island, Co. Cork. In 2006 Punch became part of the Spotless Group.


Since the 1980s the Punch R&D team had been developing a range of fabric dyes, whiteners and colour run removers. In 1993 after reading about developments in cotton manufacturing Punch researchers visited America to observe techniques used in cotton production. After an eventful trip Patrick McNamee head of R&D came back to Ireland with the kernel of what would become COLOUR CATCHER®. Consumer research identified the need for a “preventative” product to stop colour runs in the washing machine.


Two years of extensive research later with tests in Cork and Europe the formulation for COLOUR CATCHER® was cracked. A revolutionary anti-transfer sheet was developed using material sourced from well managed forests approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

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At the start Punch did not have the machinery capable of producing COLOUR CATCHER® so the first production run took place at a local sail manufacturer in west Cork. Quickly realising what a success COLOUR CATCHER® was becoming machinery was purchased and production moved to Little Island. Last year the plant in Cork produced enough sheets of COLOUR CATCHER® to go around the world 5 times.

In 1999 COLOUR CATCHER® was launched in France and shortly afterwards in Italy, achieving great success in both these countries. Nearly 15 years later COLOUR CATCHER® is sold in over 60 countries worldwide, and has created, built and dominated a new category in laundry care. Over 20 million sheets and sachets of COLOUR CATCHER® were used in Ireland alone in 2012.

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