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How can I use the COLOUR CATCHER® range of products ?

How many anti-transfer sheets of COLOUR CATCHER® should I use?

In most washes you only need to use one anti-transfer sheet. Where there is red or dark coloured fabrics more dye can be released, we recommend using 2 to 3 sheets in washes like this. We also recommend that you wash new clothes separately for at least the first 5 to 6 washes.

Are COLOUR CATCHER® anti-transfer sheets reusable?

No. For maximum protection of your laundry you must use a new anti-transfer sheet with each new wash load.

Can I use COLOUR CATCHER® anti-transfer sheets with any brand of detergent?

Of course! COLOUR CATCHER® does not use any chemicals, so there is no possibility of adverse reactions with laundry detergents.

I forgot to put the sheet in the bottom of the drum. Can I put it in with my clothes?

To prevent the sheet being trapped in the machine and thus not fully capturing the colours, we recommend that you place it flat on the bottom of the drum and then add your clothes.

Where should I store COLOUR CATCHER®?

In a dry place at room temperature, avoid excessive heat and humidity as they can alter the effectiveness of the product.

Can I mix bright and light colours together?

Yes! With COLOUR CATCHER® there's no more need for careful laundry sorting! However, be sure to wash your new clothes 5 or 6 times separately before mixing with other colours. For added security, we recommend that you also use 2 to 3 sheets for red or dark cotton coloured fabrics. Items like this can release large amounts of dye.

Are COLOUR CATCHER® anti-transfer sheets effective in a hand wash?

Yes, you can use COLOUR CATCHER® anti-transfer sheets to wash your delicates by hand simply fold a sheet at the bottom of your sink or basin.

What compounds the different COLOUR CATCHER® range of products ?

I used Keep it White® but it did not work and my laundry has remained grey. How is this possible?

Keep it White® sheets do not whiten laundry that is already grey. Keep it White® sheets help to maintain the original whiteness of a fabric longer, preventing them turning grey. To restore grey clothes to white try Punch Ultra Whitener & Oxi Stain Removal.

After doing the washing the Punch COLOUR CATCHER® had changed colour, can this wipe off on my clothes?

Absolutely not. The colour of the sheet is evidence of the effectiveness of COLOUR CATCHER®, THE PROOF IS ON THE SHEET!®. The colours that bled into the machine were captured by the sheet and not on your clothes.


What are the differences between the COLOUR CATCHER® products?

All COLOUR CATCHER® products were designed to prevent colour runs and allow mixed washes but some products have other added benefits, have a look at the entire range.
• Punch COLOUR CATCHER® anti-transfer sheets: Each anti-transfer sheet acts like a magnet to absorb all the colours that bleed into the laundry. Simple and convenient, make COLOUR CATCHER® an essential part of your washing routine!.
Keep It White® is a unique sheet that works in your washing machine to fight the greying of your white clothes.
With 2in1 COLOUR CATCHER® & Oxi Stain Removal, you can tackle tough stains and prevent colour runs with one easy to use product, that is effective even at 30°.
New COLOUR CATCHER® & Fabric Softener prevents colour runs and freshens your clothes! Available in two fantastic fragrances.

Do COLOUR CATCHER® anti-transfer sheets contain chemicals?

Absolutely not! COLOUR CATCHER® anti-transfer sheets do not contain chemicals and they operate by a simple physical principle. The negative ions present in fabric dyes are attracted to the positive ions in the COLOUR CATCHER® anti-transfer sheets; as a result, the colours end up on the sheet and not in your machine. On the other hand, in limiting laundry sorting, you limit your number of laundry loads and thus save money, water, detergent, and electricity. COLOUR CATCHER® not only simplifies your washing but they are also environmentally friendly and help you save money!

Is COLOUR CATCHER® effective on all fabrics?

Yes. Dyes for all fabric types contain negative ions and are therefore attracted to the positive charge on the Punch COLOUR CATCHER® sheet.

Can I use Punch COLOUR CATCHER® with new clothes?

Yes but we recommend that you wash new clothes separately for at least the first 5 to 6 washes, before mixing them with other clothes.

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