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2in1 COLOUR CATCHER<span class='registered'>®</span> & Colour Expert Stain Removal

2in1 COLOUR CATCHER® & Colour Expert Stain Removal

  • Punch 2in1 COLOUR CATCHER® & Colour Expert Stain Removal simplifies your washing. Quite simply, it stops colours running (FAQs) into your clothes and removes stains. You don’t have to worry about colours mixing anymore. 2in1 COLOUR CATCHER® & Colour Expert Stain Removal fights stains and defends colours all at the same time. Relax, there is no more need to worry about stains or sorting!
  • 2in1 COLOUR CATCHER® & Colour Expert Stain Removal by Punch® provides you with impeccable laundry results thanks to its patented COLOUR CATCHER® anti-dye-transfer technology. The sachet acts like a magnet: it attracts the dye and holds it, protecting the laundry from discolouration.
  • The sachet contains a new generation of powder that works, even at low temperatures, to remove tough stains (including coffee, wine, grease and grass) and a colour protection agent, to keep the original colour of your garments for longer.
  • View our frequently asked questions for more information.

Tips for using

Discover our use advices for a perfect result for each washing.

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Now remove stains, prevent colour runs and keep your whites bright all at once:
  • Place the sachet into the wash with your whites and colours.
  • Wash as normal.
  • See the end result – no more stains or colour runs and THE PROOF IS ON THE SACHET!®
Read instructions carefully before use.
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